Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a collaborative, individualised relationship between an executive and their coach.

The aims of coaching are to help the executive find their own solutions and expand their capacity and resources to take effective action, create lasting new habits in areas that need them and so reshape the executive’s working and personal life.

I believe the accountability a coach offers, enables even the most motivated and organised people to stay focused and achieve their goals. Tania is a fantastic coach who is very generous in sharing her knowledge, experience, resources and contacts to assist with the achievement of your goals.

As a result of working with Tania, I have a new job in a company that I am passionate about and I spend more time on the important things in my life.
Thank you Tania for your time and support!

Taryn, Marketing Executive

Whether initiated by you, or supported by your employer, executive coaching is usually focused on one of the following areas:

An executive coaching series may also include a 360° feedback process for the executive, the team or the Board and a number of other tools and assessments may be drawn upon, as required – such as the Executive Reality Check, Leadership Assessment Survey and 5 Levels of Focus, to name a few.

What are the Benefits:

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