One-To-One Coaching

Blue Sky CoachingWould you like to try a no obligation coaching session?
If you would like to arrange a no obligation coaching session with me, please contact me. It will give you an opportunity to experience the feeling of working with your own coach, to get to know how coaching works as well as me a little and help you to decide if I am the right coach for you!

I believe the best way to explain coaching to you is to show you, so if you think you may like to work with me then please contact me and let’s arrange a no risk coaching session.

If you'd like to know more first, please read on... 

I split the type of coaching that I do into three broad types: businessexecutive and life coaching.

Regardless of the type of coaching you choose, we will develop a unique collaborative synergy that will move you forward to more easily and quickly reach your goals and dreams.

My coaching style is results-focused, intuitive, creative, resourceful and most of all very human. Please click here if you’d like to read a few of my clients’ testimonials.

Our one-to-one coaching sessions can be in person, if you’re in Adelaide or by telephone wherever you are in Australia or the world. They are weekly or fortnightly and we can work together from anywhere between a month and a year.

If you haven’t worked with a coach before – and perhaps even if you have - I recommend a 12 session series, which my clients have found is a great time frame that allows you to create some amazing results. Ultimately the time frame will really depend on what your goals and dreams may be and how soon you want to get there.

My fees are competitive. How do I know? I recently had an executive coaching client say to me ‘I was prepared to pay twice that rate!’ My intention is to make my coaching as accessible as possible. And yes, I’ve since increased my executive coaching rate.

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